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IT evolves constantly – and keeping track of new technologies, IT opportunities, support options, and threats is an auxiliary overhead that most organisations don’t need or want – which is where outsourcing your IT services becomes a great option.

Whether you need help with migration to new servers want to automate cloud and on-site backups, or if you need support with just about anything – our consortium of professional services takes care of all your offshoring/outsourcing needs.

Our pool of talented technology experts with flawless hands-on experience is always there to make your IT infrastructure more reliable. We have in-depth expertise and in-depth capabilities to make offshored IT work wonders for you.

  • Cost-effective, KPI based IT service provision
  • High quality, flexible and scalable IT services
  • 24/7 IT Support

IT Support Services

Outsourcing IT support is a strategy used by both large and small companies, as it enables them to acquire cost-effective process management, while retaining a high degree of flexibility and scalability without having to worry about additional overhead expenses. The greatest challenge in outsourcing lies with finding a reliable partner, who can guarantee that all services will also be performed professionally and in compliance with the agreed-upon quality standards. Over the last 35 years, we have established a reputation for outstanding service quality, which has helped us acquire multiple clients who rely on us to provide IT support services to their employees as well as customers worldwide.

24/7 IT Support

We endeavour to provide services on a partner-to-partner basis, which is why we provide tailor made services that are specifically designed to meet the goals and needs of our clients businesses. we have the means and experience needed to provide cost-effective 24/7 IT support services, performed by highly skilled and qualified employees and work in offices that follow standard work environment standards. We provide IT support services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, excellent service quality and complete process transparency.

Our IT support services include:

  • L1, L2 and L3 IT support
  • IT surveillance/maintenance services
  • Night shift IT support services
  • Dedicated or shared IT support teams
  • KPI based service provision

In order to ensure high service quality, our IT support services include various quality assurance processes and a KPI based service provision model, which enables our clients to have complete transparency with regards to the quality and performance of their service teams. While we can adapt our services to the needs and requirements of our clients, a general KPI upheld by most of our IT support teams is the 80/20 standard, with at least 80 percent of all received IT issues being resolved without escalating them to 3rd line IT support. Additionally, we can also implement a first call-resolution KPI that best suits our client’s needs. With regards to quality assurance, all our employees have undergone thorough qualification testing, our team managers constantly monitor employee performance and we can even perform end-user satisfaction surveys to make sure that our service quality never falls below the agreed-upon quality standards.

Dedicated or Shared Service Teams

Depending on the size and scope of each project, we can either provide our clients with shared teams that are responsible for servicing multiple clients or provide them with dedicated IT support teams that service only one specific client. In addition to providing dedicated IT support teams, we also let our clients define the specific employee profiles that are used to recruit their service teams.

Night Shift IT Support

In case you already have an IT department, but they only work during the daytime, we can also provide night shift services to ensure your employees always have access to IT support in case of unexpected emergencies.

IT Infrastructure Implementation

For companies that are looking to set up an in-house IT department, we can also help you identify the most appropriate software and hardware as well as help you with the implementation of the necessary IT infrastructure.

  • Service Desk Outsourcing
  • Workplace Outsourcing
  • Data Centre Outsourcing
  • Network Outsourcing
  • Security Outsourcing