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OCS Infotech is committed to providing clients with the best design architected to meet our customer’s IT cooling needs. We provide every data centre requirement with the latest technology and precision cooling approach. We use safety relevant features such as redundant speed-controlled fans, and inverter compressors for less power consumption to achieve our objective.

With our partner Rittal we offer highly efficient data center precision cooling concepts which cover wide range of IT cooling applications that are relevant essential airflow management accessories. We take care of individual climate control concepts for in-rack, in-row and room cooling. Reliability and optimum energy and cost efficiency are always key considerations.

In server rooms that have not been designed as data centres, the permanent mixing of cooled and heated air often leads to cooling deficits. Hot spots make the IT equipment’s work more difficult. In order to efficiently ensure the necessary cooling, we always go for aisle containment solution of the cold aisle.

When the cold aisle is contained, the intake air (cold) and waste air (hot) are unable to mix. The cooling systems operate with maximum energy efficiency due to greater difference between hot and cold air temperature.

Our Data Center Precision Cooling Solutions and Services includes:

  • In-Rack Cooling System from 3 kW to High Density Racks
  • In-row Cooling Systems
  • Down flow Cooling method (CRAC)
  • Aisle Containment Solutions (Hot or Cold)
  • Airflow management accessories to avoid mixing of cold and hot air
  • EC Fans and Inverter Compressors
  • Dehumidifier and Humidifier


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