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Build perfect data centres or preparing sites to provide suitable space for your server room.

During the design phase of the data centre, we assist you in determining the space required for supporting facilities as well for the server room. Space allocation must be addressed as early as possible when discussing needs with other parties (like with architects and structural engineers) to avoid obstacles.

Our Data Centre Site Preparation Solutions and Services includes:

  • Construction of Data Centre / Server room
  • Space Utilisation – Equipment, UPS, Electrical, IDF, Staging and NOC room
  • Fire rated gypsum partitioning walls and Concrete walls
  • Thermal Insulation and Acoustic paneling for Noise cancellation
  • False Ceiling and Raised Flooring
  • Fire rated doors
  • Fire retardant painting

We follow best practices set by the data centre industry and comply with local legislations, codes and regulations. We also comply with the vendor’s and manufacturer’s recommendations.