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OCS Infotech extends efficient solutions for Data Centre Monitoring, environmental monitoring and infrastructure management of your data centre. Data Centre Monitoring is an absolute necessity for various many reasons. Monitoring your data centre environment is very essential because it is the heart of every IT infrastructure. Due to technical evolution, the intricacy of a data centre’s infrastructure keeps increasing, and should it fall, business is often left unworkable. Monitoring your data centre will allow you to:

  • Guarantee 24/7 monitoring of data centre
  • Test how your data centre is performing in real time
  • To be proactive by detective problems before they affect you
  • Prevent downtime and expensive outages
  • Tackle bottleneck before they cause problems
  • Save time and money
  • Deliver better quality and experience

IT security is now inextricably linked with the monitoring system to permanently monitor the physical IT security, allowing modern IT infrastructures to be operated securely, while at the same time ensuring optimum performance.

It covers all aspects around data centre facilities like physical sensors (which monitor temperature, humidity, smoke, water, and movements in server rooms), security cameras, energy supply, access control among others.

Our Data Centre Monitoring Solutions and Services include:

  • Environment Monitoring System (EMS)
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Integration of the component like:
    • Power Supply (Main Power, Generator)
    • Power Distribution (UPS, PDU)
    • Cooling System
    • Safety Systems (Fire Suppression, CCTV & Access Control)


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