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About OCS

Founded in 1981, Oman Computer Services LLC (OCS Infotech), the ICT division of The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) is a leading future-focused IT company based in the Sultanate of Oman. As part of the Z-Corp group, OCS Infotech practices a dynamic blend of integrating innovative technology with an uncompromising dedication to clients and pioneer in bringing the latest technology to the IT industry in Oman.

OCS Infotech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation with nearly four decades of experience in the IT industry. OCS Infotech helps clients to achieve better, faster and more sustainable results through its partnership with leading global technology vendors using collaborative methods and tools.

OCS Infotech offers wide range of IT Solutions such as storage and virtualisation, networking and security solutions, data centre and infrastructure management, disaster recovery and business continuity, managed services and future technologies among others.

Through OCS Infotech, clients can have access to multi-level experts who offer and create complete solutions for organisations of all sizes and scale. From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and managing any technology solutions, OCS Infotech has the depth and experience to respond to unique challenges and opportunities.

Vision & Mission

thehorizon Vision

To help clients create the future, though technical expertise and business acumen to catalyze change and deliver results.

thehorizon Mission

To be a regionally renowned corporation that provides business support solutions, leveraging on technology and services delivered by best-in-class people.